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November 30, 2011


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((I'm writing an article on the topic. Do YOU think drawing in manga style requires less effort than drawing in other styles?))

Hi guys! I need your help!

I recently enrolled into uni to study digital art and design and I was faced with this big fat stigma against manga-style arts. I've decided to write an article about it for my course's blog and I WANT YOUR OPINIONS.
Because me, I just don't get why is it that Western cartoon style is acceptable and anime/manga style isn't. And why art tutors say things like "Oh, we'll have to beat it [anime] out of you, then" to students who admit they like anime/manga.

Why black splatters on white paper have a profound meaning while a complex illustration is dismissed as a piece of crap, non-art, just because it is drawn in manga style?
What the heck happened to the freedom of expression, anyway?
I knew most art schools are not in love with anime/manga style, but I just honestly wasn't expecting such open, well, hostility, for the lack of a better word. And not just amongst the staff, but a big part of the student body as well. It just makes me sad. But that's beside the point.

The most common misconception seems to be that people who draw in anime/manga style are shit artists otherwise, that drawing in anime/manga style is as indication of lack of skill.

Thus the question: Do you think drawing in manga style requires less effort than drawing in other styles?

Also, if you have any experiences of people dissing anime/manga as a form of art in general, please do share. If you remember even approximately what somebody said about it, please quote.

Thank you for your help. : )
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OpenDrawer Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The reason teachers hate most anime "art" is because it is repetitive, shows very little self expression and a very limited skill set. Their pictures often consist of big eyes, stupid cartoony grins, bulbous heads, a single front perspective, and plain backgrounds. My feeling is that rather than a desire to learn self expression, these students have a desire to impress their anime-loving friends with their skills. They learn very little in art school because all of their art focuses on a single limited subject matter, and they refuse to draw anything that doesn't relate to their love for anime. Manga figures are usually the only thing these kids become good at drawing, and they never develop their own style. 

In most drawing classes the teacher is attempting to teach kids realism, perspective, self expression, and originality. This becomes impossible when the students just refuse to listen so that they can grind away at their often uninspired, comfort-zone manga drawings. 

This is not to say there aren't talented manga artists - there are. I am just saying that from experience most of them are not motivated to learn properly and never do.

And then they get upset when the teacher isn't impressed with their mediocre work. Stupid Me! 
Sky-of-ragnarok Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Student General Artist
My opinion on it is since it doesn't really respect anatomy or sometimes gravity (crazy hairdos sometimes xD) it won't get you as far as you expect in the art industry. Most art companies will require anatomy studies, animals, paintings and realistic stuff in a future artist's portfolios and most people who draw anime/manga, don't draw anything else. But there are exceptions of course ;)
Lover-of-Music Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I do think it's due to the anatomy in it.  

Also, I'm pretty sure if you want to draw anime style, it'd be better to get your name out there for something else then tell them "aye, mangu and animu is where it's at mangs."
MikuMikuMiku3000 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's so dumb because I tryed to get into a artist high school and I didn't get in because I draw anime and cartoons!!!  But i'm glad I didnt go because my school has a Japanese club and were going to start a fandom club too! But what we need to talk about is the people who say that anine is only anime if its from Japan by someone Japanese ! Now that's dumb its like saying tacos are only tacos if there were made in Mexico by someone Mexican!!! No tacos are tacos no matter were they came from or who it was made by same thing with anime!!!
Velithe Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
It's a funny thing 'cause I'm from Mexico and I had to deal with the same situation here, I think it's something that happens in art universities from many countries and I still don't understand why, 'cause here in deviant we've seen lots of awsome pieces in anime-manga styles, I think that it's just that art teachers were raised with other influences and they don't like it 'cause they don't get it (at least I think that was my case) but I think that if you talk with some first-category artist that works for disney for example, they won't have the same prejudice. Mybe it's just something generational

PD sorry for my crappy english I try my best
Well it's not just drawing. I've come across an art school student who claims that I have no talent and everything I write is shit because it's not in the style of Tolken or Steven King. Due to me adding in a sort of anime style in regards to characters reactions and mannerisms. I was also told that I should quit, never write again, and get a real job.

But who knows it also could have been because I insulted his favorite youtuber. Because that's where his "honest criticism" came up in the first place.
AquaXranoX Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Yes it is less effort because because drawing anime is simplified, and stylized. There are so many wrinkles and parts, lines and other things that it excludes; check out Marvel and DC artwork for yourself. Sure you have to understand basic proportions and anatomy to draw anime too, but It's still stylized. Every life drawing professor keeps telling me to stop drawing those cartoons/ anime whatever and draw realistic before i draw my own style because once. My drawing professor just the other day told the class that they look at people who can draw realistic still life/ life drawings, get interviewed first and the others who draw cartoons only, etc get interviewed last. I don't know about that so don't take me to serious on that part. 

Here's more info on styles.

have fun and good luck in art university!
xAoibarax Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I was just reading this journal, and I found your comment. And although I am not yet in college, I notice what you are saying is quite true.

I was at a mini college interview, and this admin representative checked my artworks (I only had one anime artwork there.), he loved all of them (Realism fyi) except for one, which was the anime one of course.  There were also other students having their stuff checked out, and I realized that he even disliked the cartoon styled works.  So, judging from what you say, just simply avoid anything stylized in art schools? I did some research and not only art schools condemn anime, but even American cartoon styles.
AquaXranoX Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The professors just want you to draw exactly what you see, observation, and not what you know, which is stylize, so that way you build a good foundation I guess. Academics I'm guessing.
xAoibarax Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I see. Been doing tons of that these days. Not as fun as what you wanna draw, but hey. Its worth it. Thanks!
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