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November 30, 2011


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((I'm writing an article on the topic. Do YOU think drawing in manga style requires less effort than drawing in other styles?))

Hi guys! I need your help!

I recently enrolled into uni to study digital art and design and I was faced with this big fat stigma against manga-style arts. I've decided to write an article about it for my course's blog and I WANT YOUR OPINIONS.
Because me, I just don't get why is it that Western cartoon style is acceptable and anime/manga style isn't. And why art tutors say things like "Oh, we'll have to beat it [anime] out of you, then" to students who admit they like anime/manga.

Why black splatters on white paper have a profound meaning while a complex illustration is dismissed as a piece of crap, non-art, just because it is drawn in manga style?
What the heck happened to the freedom of expression, anyway?
I knew most art schools are not in love with anime/manga style, but I just honestly wasn't expecting such open, well, hostility, for the lack of a better word. And not just amongst the staff, but a big part of the student body as well. It just makes me sad. But that's beside the point.

The most common misconception seems to be that people who draw in anime/manga style are shit artists otherwise, that drawing in anime/manga style is as indication of lack of skill.

Thus the question: Do you think drawing in manga style requires less effort than drawing in other styles?

Also, if you have any experiences of people dissing anime/manga as a form of art in general, please do share. If you remember even approximately what somebody said about it, please quote.

Thank you for your help. : )
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VixyGamingWarrior Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think its because they want you to develop your own style, but I think anime is a good stepping stone to make your own style, mine is kinda anime, but more realistic with ought as much exaggerated features.
VixyGamingWarrior Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I heard someone behind my back saying Big eyes people are not a style of art..

Saaally Featured By Owner 6 days ago
sorry to jump in here but i think i have a summarized answer xD

the problem with anime when it comes to art classes is not that it is "easy" or ugly [it's not, not necessarily], the problem is that students who are into manga often started off with that [meaning they have no foundation and are "copying" someone else's style] and wanna do JUST that and don't understand how immensely important it is to understand anatomy properly BEFORE you distort it to play with different styles such as manga [or disney, or adventure time, what have you, but manga is a lot more popular so it gets the most attention].

also the difference between manga and western comics is that the later is a lot more realistic.
candycorporation Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know this journal is old but I kind of wanna share my opinion :P

It's because they want you to develop your own style.
Anime is overused and sure art should be a form of freedom but you also have to be unique.
This is a situation that happens to me all the time:

I meet a new person
Person: I love your drawings! I actually draw too and I love to draw :D

Me: oh really cool! Can you show me some of your drawings?

Person (opens up her folder/sketchbook of a bunch of Anime Drawings)

Every time I meet someone who says they know how to draw and they do it well, I see lots of anime in their sketchbooks. Sure it's well drawn but does it hurt to be creative with your own style?
DemonAccel Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Even so...not everyone draws anime/manga the same way every has their own unique twists to how they do it...people who do realism or photography are considered unique but people who do manga or comics are considered unoriginal.....kind of unfair to say. sure any artist could do realism or photography or painting if they tried but if one of their strengths is manga or comic art then why not help them build on that strength instead of telling them that their not creative or that you don't want to see it....manga and comics don't have a default each mangaka or comic artist has a different way of drawing things so telling them they're not unique or creative is a little unfair...sorry i'm ranting.
candycorporation Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel the same towards photography. But the thing with Anime/manga is that you're using someone else's style of drawing and to most people, all anime feels the same. Big sparkly eyes, spikey hair, etc. are what people will see and say, oh this is anime. It's pretty, yeah but you're not being creative enough. It's like a "Been there, done that" situation. No matter how unique you're trying to be with anime/manga, they'll think the same way. Think of it this way. It's better to be recognized for something you created on your very own. You're there to impress the people at art schools.
There are some people who just draw anime/manga. That's all they do. Ask them to draw something else, most of them won't be able to. If you want to do comic art, you're going to have to learn how to draw in other styles too. That's why in college you get to take special classes from animation,photography, and fashion design to graphic design, illustration and fine art.

There's an art high school in my city and in 8th grade I was going to apply to go there. I didn't because it didn't allow illustration. Just fine art, music, and acting. There are more options in colleges.

I don't draw anime/manga. I'm not against it either. I just prefer not to draw it because I don't want to be another apple from the bunch. I'd rather be unique from everyone else and be recognized for something I created.

The first person who created the anime/manga style probably felt unique. It was his/her creation and guess what, other people decided to follow because they love the design.

Try to make your illustrations and art something people will admire and mimic in the future ;)
DemonAccel Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's the same with every style of drawing it's ALL been done before....but it's possible to be unique with other styles except manga? it makes no sense to me at all. the only thing you can do is put a unique twist on a style that's already been invented....which is somehow okay if it's not manga....I think people are just trying to find a way to kill off this art style just because it's popular and lotss of people want to get into this types of thing: animation or making web comics.....
candycorporation Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Look at the guy who created Adventure time. He came up with something unique and it's HIS creation. If someone were to put fanart or similar style to that in their portfolio to art school, they'll be denied.

It's all about what type of art classes you choose too.

I'm sticking to my opinion on anime/manga the way it is. I honestly think it's very overused.
DemonAccel Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
if you've every seen one piece, naruto, bleach, death note, tokyo ghoul, or even attack on titan ou know that each of those series' artists style of manga is very different...manga does not have a single default style but everyone who doesn't read it doesn't seem to think so...everything that's popular is either overused or overhyped for some reason...i'm not putting every other type of art down i'm just saying it's unfair to say that using a manga style of art is not uncreative in fact it can be very creative once someone discovers THEIR style of it just like cartoons....people once said walt disney was uncreative and had no good ideas....
shoba5 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Any type of drawing takes effort.
if you ask me, I think that cartoons take the least amount of work to draw. They have simple designs and sometimes even simpler backgrounds.
Maybe art schools don't like anime because of hentai or ecchi artists. Not all anime artists are like that! If they don't like us drawing nude anime girls then they should look at the nudes they draw. 
Anime can portray amazing stories. I bet that not one of those art schools have heard of madoka magica, fate zero, or fullmetal alchemist.
They tell us to think of what a painting means instead of what it looks like, but they don't listen to to themselves. Anime might look like if doesn't take effort to draw, but when you go into the mechanics of it, it more complex than you thought
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